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Where should I park my vehicle?

There is street parking available on William st just behind us, or on Robert st just across from us. For crews with lots of gear to unload, access through the pet hospital parking lot and park near the railroad tracks on the gravel temporarily to offload, and then please find street parking.*On Weekends, holidays, and evenings after 6:00pm you can remain parked here for the duration of your rental. **Please never park in the Pineapple Express parking lot at any time, they will tow.**

What do I need to do to confirm my booking?

Once we have confirmed that your date is available, we will send over an invoice within the next 24hrs, usually within 2-3, but life is life sometimes. We require a $100 deposit per studio for any photo/video rentals, and a $200 deposit per studio for any weddings/workshops/functions and "studio takeovers". Please see our cancellation policy below for additional info. 

Is there wifi?

Yes, both studios have Telus fibre optic 3G wi-fi with a dedicated guest network.

What is your cancellation policy?

If a photo/video shoot rental needs to be cancelled/rescheduled BEFORE 72hrs lead time to the rental date the deposit will be banked and can be applied to a future rental within 6 months. Cancellations within 72hrs of rental time will not be issued a refund or a credit, deposit will be forfeited. **All deposits made for functions, workshops, weddings and studio takeovers are non refundable**

How do I access the studio for my rental?

In most cases the room will be remotely unlocked 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. Head on up and let yourself in! For rentals that require multiple ins-and-outs throughout the day, or for multiple day rentals, we can assign a temporary access code so you can lock up / come and go as you please.

What time of day is best for natural light?

Trick Question! Cinderbloc's window bank faces South/South-West, so depending on the time of year, whatever the peak daylight hours are for that day will typically translate to peak hours in the studio space as well, with the shoulder hours being better for more ambient lighting. The loft has a similar window bank in the living room, but faces South/South-East, with lots of other windows throughout for nice ambient lighting as well.

Do I need to bring a bluetooth speaker?

Sure don’t! We have a wall-mounted tablet set up to a premium Spotify account that streams through our house stereo on the Cinderbloc side. The loft has a Samsung soundbar and subwoofer, but you'll need to connect your own phone/device via bluetooth.

What's your policy on alcohol?

If alcohol is being served or sold during any rental or event we require the renter to obtain a special occasion liquor license. We are happy to offer some guidance for this, but the responsibility falls on the client to obtain the license, and provide a digital copy to us before the event day. Allow a minimum of 1 week from date of submission to date of planned rental/event for these.

What is the minimum length of rental?

Our minimum rental period for photo/video shoots is 2 hours for midweek, 4 hours for weekends and holidays. For events and functions the minimum is 4 hours, and for workshops it is 5 hours. 

We do not offer 30 minute increments.

What payment methods do you accept?

We prefer interac e-transfers, but also accept cash and in rare cases PayPal or credit card.

Is there more than one studio now?

You bet! We have Cinderbloc, our "classic" studio space that just had its 13th birthday, as well as Cinderloft just across the hall, our new lifestyle and boudoir studio!

Is smoking allowed?

On the Cinderbloc side there is no smoking allowed, please head down to street level at least 10 meters from any doorways. Cinderloft permits smoking on the patio only, please use the ashtrays provided. 

Will I be sharing the studio with another creative during my rental?

Nope! All rentals are private, you'll have the whole space to yourself. Unless you've rented out both studios there might be another creative working across the hall, but each studio has it's own private lockable entrance.

Can I move things around  in the studios?

As long as you can do so without damaging it, and you put it back where it lives before you exit the space then for sure! 

Can I use the kitchen? 

If you've rented Cinderloft then yes you may! It is stocked with all basic kitchen needs, please be sure to put any dirtied dishes into the dishwasher when finished.

Why are there different rates for photo/video shoots vs. events and workshops etc.?

It mostly comes down to the added level of ware and tear on the studios that higher volume rentals bring, plus the added supplies used, added liability, and the extra cleaning required afterwards. *Most* photo shoots are pretty low tread with a small team. We like to keep these rates as low as possible for creatives, to incentivize them to use the room for its intended purpose, and also make it approachable to rent for non-income earning creative shoots and things of that nature.

What if I rent the studio under the photo rates but then throw a sneaky party?

Oh, we will know. We will make one attempt to contact the host to rectify the situation, and then we would be forced to cut power to the building and ask you to leave. Your rental fee would be forfeit :) Not wo

Is there A/C or heating?

Each studio is equipped with it's own heat pump that keeps the space(s) comfortable under any weather conditions.

Is there a cleaning deposit?

For standard photo/video shoots no, but we do ask that the room be left the same as it was when you arrived, as well as any furniture or decor moved returned to its home.

For functions, workshops, and events we do take a cleaning deposit, $200 on the Cinderbloc side, and $300 on the Loft side. Up to 75% of this will be refunded to you the next day based on the condition of the room(s)

Do you offer discounts for creative-led events / art shows and charities?

We love to support local artists, if you're thinking of doing an exhibit or showing please reach out, we are happy to promote these kinds of rentals by offering discounted rates. We also love working with charities that speak to us, and are often happy to accommodate. Let's chat.

Is the studio accessible for people with limited mobility?

Cinderbloc is up one flight of stairs with no service elevator, however the stairwell does have a handrailing.


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