*viewings by appointment only – please email to set up viewings and rentals*


$60 – first hour (minimum rental for weekdays, 2 hr min for weekends and holidays)

$110 – 2 hours

$150 – 3 hours

Half Day – 4 hours | $175
Full Day – 8 hours | $285
*$35 per additional hour after 4 hours

*Please account for load-in, set-up, and break-down times when planning your rental*

For shoots requiring the use of backdrops, a usage fee of $35 per-roll/per-rental will be applied for 9ft rolls, and $25 per 4ft roll. Colour choices include grey, black, teal, super-white and bone white (in 9ft wide), and white, black, and bright yellow (in 4ft wide).

** side note – for most shoots requiring a white background, the walls themselves will typically suffice in lieu of a backdrop.

Standard rental rate includes:

-full use of the studio (including bar, office and lounge/meeting area),

-2 C-stands, 4 regular light stands/backdrop stands

-use of our super-boom on casters (light not included)

-foam core bounces and other light-shaping accessories.

The studio also has an 18ft tall SOUTH-WEST FACING window bank, complete with large diffuser curtain, for un-parralleld natural lighting conditions – Ask anyone who’s used it!

PRODUCTION RENTALS- Studio “take-over” rates

Cinderbloc studio makes a great entry level sound stage and production headquarters, rentals available for crews looking to leave set-ups over night and have a home base for digital asset management stations. Please get in touch to discuss your projects needs, base production rates per 24h period start at $600.

CINDERBLOC FUNCTIONS- starting at $350 

Rental cost covers use of the full room, including the meeting area and bar area, as well as our iPod compatible sound system. Temporary office/desk space available as well.

Great for dinner parties, birthday parties, stag/bachelorette parties, and any other non-income earning events. $200 cleaning deposit also required, returnable upon (prompt) tidying of the studio space.

CINDERBLOC WORKSHOPS- starting at $600 

Take advantage of full-day use of our space to put on your very own clinic! while  Photography/Videography are the obvious fit, many of our clients over the years have found the space to be perfect for their needs in a wide scope of applications. Reach out if you have any questions regarding wether Cinderbloc may be right for your upcoming workshop.

Rental includes full-day use of the room, seating for up to 30 patrons, as well as all other regular rental amenities that we offer. $200 cleaning deposit also required, returnable upon (prompt) tidying of the studio space.

CINDERBLOC WEDDINGS- starting at $1000

It’s been a weird year, but when things are a little more opened up consider hosting a small wedding/elopement at Cinderbloc. With its rustic-reclaimed-charm and 18’ cieleings, the room is great for smaller more intimate gatherings. Plus you can put your friends and family to work for you the morning-of to decorate and easily make the space more authentically your own. Let’s chat.

$200 cleaning deposit also required, returnable upon (prompt) tidying of the studio space.

Please inquire with specific information about your event for a more detailed quote. Please note that all events have a curfew of 11:00 pm.


*lighting – complete shooting/lighting kits available

Profoto kit – 4 x 600w monobloc strobes available

1×4 and 1×6 stripbank, 2×3 and 3×4 softbox, 3ft and 5ft octobanks, zoom reflectors, etc.

please inquire for lighting rates